“The interpretation of the BdB duo was magnificent; showcasing a dynamic engagement and a complicity that, just like mimetic reflections, rose to reach the sublime.”
- Norte de Castilla

The two Maria José offered a lesson of authentic stylistic articulation and profound mystical engagement.”
- Granma

“The zenith of the performance occurred with a ravishing interpretation of Ravel. BdB granted a spectacle of an outstanding fusion of tones.”
- El Diario Vasco

“BdB captivated its audience.”
- The Philippine Star

“The audience perceives the dialogue between the pianists‘ gazes who simultaneously control the rhythm and precision of the phrasing as if we were listening to a single piano.”
- Annahar

“The two artists, undoubtedly, give the impression of never having done anything other than what they master, love to do and, specially, know how to make us love.”
- La Presse Tunisie

“Their subtle and precise touch evidences great professionalism on the keyboard and offers an outstanding feminine sensibility.”
- Le Quotidien

“Both pianists are united by a great explicit complicity that is evident at the very first gaze. Their singular seal is contagious while their fluency and extreme precision is a plethora of elegance and poetry.”
- Il Corriere

“This duo demonstrated excellent music taste. They offered the audience six encores. I must admit that I had never experienced such a generous performance.”
- Diario Rio Negro

“The duo conquered the Romanian audience last night at Ateneo’s great concert hall in Bucarest.”
- Rumania – Música

“BdB sanctified Sunday with a recital that seemed straight from the greatest clouds of a remote heaven. They performed the whole version of Visions of Amen”.
- El Tiempo