Virtuous artistic identity.
Dialogue between two pianos.

Formed by María José Barandiarán and María José de Bustos. The acclaimed pair is renowned for their evident expertise and for their extraordinary elegance on stage.

This duo has developed a technique that radiates an expressive language which is exceptionally articulated by their hands. Seated in front of each other, the duo manages with the double piano to fusion into a sole interpretation without sacrificing the creative independence that characterizes each one of them. Their amazing interpretative skills, as well as their splendid ability to engage the audience in a mystic experience, has empowered them a intensive career.

Jose Antonio, director of the National Ballet of Spain, has chosen from BdBduo’s first album their interpretation of Manuel Infante’s Las Tres Danzas Andaluzas to create a new choreography. Their second album, sponsored by Barclays which includes pieces by Brahms, Ravel, Messiaen and Albeniz has been presented in a series of concerts in the main concert halls across Spain.

They have appeared as soloists with the Manheim Kurplaz Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Coahuila Chamber Orchestra, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Leon Symphonic Orchestra, Panama National Symphonic Orchestra, Simon Bolívar Youth Orchestra, Mexico City Philarmonic Orchestra, Cali Philarmonic Orchestra, Mexico National Symphony Orchestra. The duo has performed under the direction of J.J. Mena, Stefan Fraas, J. L. Temes, Edmon Colomer, J. Amigo, Paul Dury, J. Ledezma, R. Shade, J. Arean and Enrique Bátiz, among others. Recitals in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Croatia, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, the Philippines, China, Vietnam and India

They have participated in live radio and television shows in Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Tunisia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Following maestro José Antonio Abreu’s invitation, the BdBduo developed a joint project with Venezuela’s National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras (FESNOJIV as per its name in Spanish). The duo has collaborated as educators in several universities, national conservatories and superior music academies in the countries they have visited. They have held master classes, colloquiums, auditions as well as other modalities of intellectual exchange.